Communication to NUT members employed centrally by Staffordshire County Council or in an LA maintained schools

Dear NUT member,
Recently you were made aware that SCC had started a formal consultation process with Trade Union representatives around the proposed changes to the calculation of Redundancy Benefits for staff centrally employed by SCC or in LA maintained schools.
This is to update you on the progress of the negotiations so far and seek your views before we enter into the last stages of the process.
Why these proposed changes?
SCC needs to “meet the financial challenges that it faces”. As part of its Medium Term Financial Strategy, Cabinet has identified that £2 million savings need to be made on Redundancy Payments which currently go above statutory requirements. 
 What is being proposed?
1-   That the current maximum eligibility to Compensatory Redundancy of 70 weeks be reduced to 52 weeks.
2-   That, for members of the LGPS or TPS, the multiplier applied to the statutory number of weeks is reduced from 2 to 1.
3-   That, for Teachers aged 55 to 60, the option of Added Years and Mandatory Compensation, both discretionary, are removed.
4-   That all SCC employees, including school-based staff, being made redundant will not be able to take up another post in the Council until they have had a break of 12 months.
5-   That employees must have made 12 monthly contributions to the pension fund to be eligible for the compensatory redundancy payment.
How have the negotiations progressed so far.
Re-employment arrangements
1-   SCC have reconsidered their position on the 1year break for re-employment within SCC for school employed staff. It will remain at 4 weeks and a day as it currently stands.
2-   Centrally employed staff will be bound by the 1year break. However, staff in education support services will be free to go and work in an LA maintained school, provided the 4 weeks and a day break is maintained.
3-   We are now asking SCC, in respect of point 2 above, to make a distinction between staff who have volunteered for redundancy and those being made compulsorily redundant. We feel that the 1 year re-employment bar should only apply to the former, if at all.
Calculation of redundancy benefits
1-   SCC is clear that the £2 million pounds savings must be effected.
2-   We have studied, at length, various models as to how this can be achieved.
3-   In the light of the data that we have been shown, it appears that the suggested 52 weeks model is the most equitable as it affects different categories of staff (taking pay grade and length of service into account) in a more uniformed manner. No category of staff appears to be more penalised than others.
4-   This proposed model represents, on average and compared to existing arrangements, a detriment of 29.5% for core Council staff and 28.9% for school-based staff.
What next?
As your NUT representative, I am not willing to agree to an erosion of your Terms and Conditions of Service. However, SCC, as long as they can demonstrate that they have thoroughly engaged in meaningful negotiations with TU representatives, could seek to impose these changes without our formal agreement.
I can assure you that until the end of the very last consultation meeting, I will, together with other colleagues, work towards mitigating any changes SCC may choose to try and impose.
I would welcome, however, your thoughts, opinions and reactions to these proposals and would kindly ask you to spend a few minutes completing this survey.
With very best wishes,
Vic Goodwin
Staffordshire Division NUT

​I would be grateful if you could and send your comments on the questions below by midnight on Tuesday 1st November 2016. I can then convey your comments to the Spend Review meetings. Please email them to:

1. Do you accept the changes, as amended through negotiation, to the SCC Redundancy Payments?

2.If you do not accept these changes, would you be willing to take collective action (up to including strike action)?

​3.Any other comments


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