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Personal Benefits and services

In addition to the support to members over pay, conditions of service, pension and other traditional union functions the NUT also offer members the following benefits:


  • Legal advice and assistance is available to members under the rules of the NUT. The rules provide for advice and assistance to be given over a wide range of teachers’ problems.
  • Personal Accident Insurance- Compensation in respect of death of bodily injury resulting solely and directly from an accident caused by violent external and visible means. 24 hours per day, home or abroad.
  • Hospitalisation Benefit due to injury at work or to & from work. £600 for 7 days in hospital.
  • Personal Property Insurance. Up to £250 if fire, theft or a malicious act is carried out while on school premises.
  • Cover for accidental damage to spectacles at work up to £250.
  • Car Malicious Damage to Members cars and Motor Cycles while on school premises. Up to £500 which allows members to protect their no claims discount in the event of small claims.
  • Details and Claim forms - please click here.

Contact Union Headquarters for more information and claim forms 020 7380 4785

For more information about benefits and advice to teachers visit the NUT website

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