Partnership Agreement between the NUT and the University and College Union

The NUT and UCU have a partnership agreement which strengthens our work on behalf of teachers in all sectors of education.

The partnership agreement recognises the UCU as the organising union in higher education, further education and adult and continuing education (ACE) colleges and the NUT as the organising union in schools and other institutions educating school age children and in sixth form colleges.

The agreement provides for joint membership arrangements, so that NUT and UCU members who move to institutions where the other union is the organising union can stay in membership of their existing union but also take up joint membership of the organising union. Both unions encourage their members to take up joint membership in such circumstances.

The two unions believe that children, young people and adults deserve the best education service. To secure this, we believe that there has to be the maximum possible professional unity amongst teachers and lecturers in the education sector and their unions. Working together, we are stronger.

The full text of the agreement can be found here.

Members who wish to register under the terms of the agreement should print off, fill in and send this form to RSS.


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