From 1st September 2017 the NUT and ATL are merging to form the National Education Union.
Until 1st January 2019 there will be an NUT Section and an ATL Section. Present members of each union will receive support from the section they now belong to. New joiners to the National Education Union will be allocated to either sector should they require support. After 1st January 2019 the NUT and ATL Sections will fully merge into one National Education Union Section. More information will appear here as the merger progresses.  In the mean time if you are an NUT member contact the NUT in the usual way if you need assistance. Like wise if you are an ATL member contact the ATL.
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How can we help?

Staffordshire National Education Union NUT Section provides help and support to NEU NUT Section headteacher, senior management and classroom teacher members in Staffordshire schools.

If you need advice, telephone the National AdviceLine on:

0345 811 8111

or email

If they cannot resolve your issue you will be referred to the Staffordshire NEU NUT Section

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